Saturday, February 8, 2014

Explorer exe infected by virus

In this tutorial I would like to show you how to remove from explorer.exe virus or malware.
Explorer.exe is an important system files on your computer. It is not advisable to stop or remove without knowing what you’re doing. Instead, you only have to clean the infection and this is what I’m going to teach you.

When explorer.exe is creating some unknown or unexpected task, this is already infected by malware. The virus is running on registry but not in explorer.exe. You have to use anti malware software because antivirus cannot help on removing that malware.

In my experience, I use malwarebytes because it can completely remove the malware. Download and install malwarebytes then Run a Flash Scan. It will scan the registry to find the malware that runs on your computer. After that, the malware will be send to quarantine.
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Friday, February 7, 2014

How to Auto Import Your Stuff into Evernote

If you regularly "dump" stuff into your Evernote, like me, then you will love this tip.

Instead of constantly dragging files and images into Evernote on your PC, consider this alternative.

First, configure the auto-import folder on your Evernote PC. In the Import Folders... option, select the folder that you want Evernote to "watch"

Select Tools > Import Folders...

Once you have completed this step, whenever you drag any files into the designated folder, Evernote (if already opened) will automatically import (and remove from the windows folder) them into the default notebook in Evernote.

If you want to take this further, you can also set up a Send To option in your Windows explorer context menu.

First type "shell:sendto" in Start Search without the quotes and hit Enter. In the SendTo folder, create a new shortcut that points to the Auto-Import folder you created above. Now, whenever you want to clip any file or image from Explorer into Evernote, just right-click and select send to the Auto-Import folder.

Sending a file to Evernotes Auto-Import folder

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Do really want to switch from an iPhone to an Android, and youre somehow afraid of loosing those important contacts on your phone.
Switching from an Iphone to Android is not only about changing the brand name but also involve an entire change in the operating system which may be stressful when trying to sync datas between the both and may also result in incompatibility of file format .

This tutorial makes it easy for you to transfer your private datas such as Contacts, Mail and Messages, and drafted notes using the Google without installing any app to help you do this. Contact method.

All you need first is a transfer of your current contacts from your iPhone to Google contacts, This will serve as a back up for all your contacts which will be later restored through the given steps below

This can be achieved in two different ways, one with
iTunes and the other with the

Steps to Sync Contacts

Using iTunes to sync contacts to andriod

First you must have a Google account (gmail account) and secondly, do a manual backup of your iPhone to your computer using Itunes.
You can check out the photo below to learn more

First, open iTunes program on your computer. Click here to download Itunes latest version
Connect your your iPhone device to your computer via USB.

    Select your iPhone in iTunes. Find the ‘Info’ tab and select Sync Contacts with Google Contacts

    After that, you will promted to enter your Gmail email address and password. Just chill and Wait as all contacts gets synced. Once syncing is successfully achieved, you can check out the outcome by directly heading over to your Gmail account via your device browser and quickly log on to your account. Go to Gmail > > Contacts.

    You’ll discover that all your iphone contacts just got imported to your Google account Contacts.

Alternative method

Using to sync contacts to Android

To use this method, you must have had your important datas backed up on your iPhone to

login to your iCloud account as shown in the image below.

click on Contacts and you will see all of your backed up iPhone contacts in iCloud.

Hold downCtrl + A (Windows User) or Command + A (MAC users) to select all of your imported contacts, click on the Settings at the bottom left, then select "Export vCard…".

Login to your Gmail and go to Gmail > >Contacts.

After that, click on ‘Import Contacts…’ and an alert will be prompted. select your exported vCard… file and click Import to import all iPhone contacts to Google Contacts.

2. Merge Duplicate Google Contacts

Once you’ve imported iPhone contacts to Google Contacts, you can get rid of duplicate contacts before restoring your contacts on your phone to avoid repeatation of contacts. You may choose to do this on on your computer than on your smartphone.

Click on More and then click on Find & merge duplicates...

A page with the names of duplicated contacts will pop up. After going through the names, select those that have duplicate contacts and Merge them.

3. Steps in Restoring Backed up Contacts on your Android device

After a succesfully exported and merged duplicates of your iPhone contacts to Google Contacts, you can start the process of restoring it to your Android phone.

Go to Menu > Settings > Accounts and Sync. on your Android phone. Tap on Add Account and select Google.

Then, click on Sign in and key in the Gmail account you used to sync your contacts to.

You can some seconds to Wait for communications to the Google account Servers to be fully established. This will land you a page where you’ll given options on what you want to sync into your phone. Tick ‘Sync Contacts’ and tap on finally complete the action

With that, Hurray you’re done! You can verify that by simply checking your Android phonebook.

One great thing about using Google Contacts to sync your contacts is that even if you lose your phone or switch to another smartphone, you will never lose your contacts. They are kept save within your Google account.

You can drop off any comment concerning this guide below via the comment box. Thanks!
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Date and Time keeps Resetting

Many computer keeps resetting its time and date. This is a problem because it gives a certification expired problem. Some people think it is a virus but the real problem is the CMOS battery. You need to buy a new one and replace the old one on your computer system.
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Knowing that you can actually exceed and exhaust the ways you can connect your mobile phone to the internet make it wonderfully awesome and alluring. And its also a letdown if you cannot employ all the tactics to do this. Today, I just found out a new way on how you can connect your android phone as a modem. All through this blog i have posted ways you can connect various mobile devices to the internet and how they can serve as a modem to the user

You can check out the following links to learn More
How to Use your Nokia As Modem
How to use your iPHonE As a 3G ModemHow To Use Your Blackberry Phone as a Modem

All you need to tether your internet connection on an Android device is as simple as getting yourself the PDAnet app and you can find it available at Google play store.

Ive tested this on a friends android and it worked fine and I was able to connect without out any hitch. In fact after a successful connection, I decided to share it with you guys on my blog. I never knew PDAnet was that great. The only thing is that you are subjected to a certain trail period where the software gives you every functions of a full version for some days. After the trial period, connections via https(secured connections) are disabled. by that you are are unable to login in to sites with secured connections. For example you wont be able to access your Facebook account because it is on a secured connection. You can check here for more details about the full version

You can download the full version of PDAnet for FREE!!!!


Instructions:Let me assume you just downloaded the app from the link I provided above for your PC and install it in a hurry so we can get started. And please spare me the question of how to configure it, because neither you nor I will be needing it for this tutorial. Once your android device is configured then you dont have to bug your nerves.

Okay now download PDAnet for your android phone and install it too and enable USB Tether.


Go menu or Application Go to settings Go wireless networks Go to name access points In the APN screen that appears, press Menu and select New APN Only fill in the following fields: - Name: a name of your choice - APN: Set the name of the access point -
Username (if required in your operator) - Password (if required in your operator) -
Identification type choose PAP or CHAP -
APN type select Internet Save all this by pressing Menu and Save

Secondly, connect your android phone to your PC via USB cable instantly and thats all


if you still cant connect your android phone as a modem using the above steps then you can simply right click the PDAnet tray on your system task bar and click Connect to the Internet.

After a sucessful connection you can Make use of airtels BIS (blackberry Internet Service) Data Plan on your android to browse free.... SOUNDS KOOL RIGHT? PDAnet is also available for other OS such as Palm OS, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phone and can equally be used on Mac OSX.

Have Fun…
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Get 5GB of Personal Secure Cloud Storage free

For a limited time, you can get 5GB of free secure online storage from Tresorit, a Hungarian startup that provides secure cloud storage. You need to create an account by supplying your email address and after verification, will be given a designated folder on your Windows that will be synced to the cloud. For now you can share documents with another person who has installed Tresorit on their computer.

Tresorit website home page
Tresorit is offering 5GB of free secure cloud storage now

Mac and mobile apps will be launched at a later time, according to Tresorits website.
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How to check your website security

Hackers always try to find out security vulnerabilities of webpages so that they can hack the website and steal valuable data. So it is very necessary to protect your website and remove the vulnerabilities. has introduced a security checker tool which is very useful to know your website security and infected links that your website template loads. Hackers try to insert hidden illicit content into web pages of innocent third-party web sites. Thousands of websites owners or bloggers are unaware about their website security and their sites are hacked and infected with parasites. So it is very important to know your website security.

Why we should know our website security

It is very necessary to know our own website security. Now a days we use the web for almost all the purposes. So it requires the highest security. Suppose you have a website in which you sell products, basically you do transaction on your website, than you requires security, you have to know your website vulnerabilities otherwise hackers create some false pages in your transaction and steal all the product price. Thats why we need to know whether our website secure or is there any security vulnerabilities.

Follow the following steps

1) Go to Unmask Parasites
2) Then give your website URL and click on Check
3) Then if your website is clean then it will show a message like this

4) If your site is Suspicious a message will be shown like this


5) Then scroll down the page and you will see all the third party links that you have in your website.

 6) Then it will show the suspicious inline script

7) It will also offer some additional test like

8) If you want reveal the hidden spam links click on the link Reveal hidden spam links as shown in the above screen shot.
9) You can also perform a free malware scan of your site. To do so go to the second link of additional tests as shown in the step (7) screenshot and Sucuri SiteCheck will perform a malware check of your website.

Thats all about security check. Subscribe Us
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